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Needlepoint lace

Needlepoint lace is the term we are using in the RSN Stitchbank to describe any lace made with a needle, rather than that made with a bobbin.  Some needlepoint laces are undistinguishable from their bobbin counterparts to the untrained eye. 
Needlepoint lace pieces include the following elements: buttonhole and woven bars, needlelace fillings, picots, filet lace and darned net work.  Needlelace stitches are listed under the entry for needlelace.

N.B. Different authors use various terms used for this lace including needlelace and needle-made lace.  We use the term needlelace for the technique of using detached stitches (usually a form of buttonhole stitch) to fill an area.

Needlepoint lace Stitches