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Whitework is a traditional hand embroidery technique that features white thread on a white background. Often used on bridal and christening gowns, Whitework has a timeless elegance and requires a range of skills.

Whitework Stitches

Algerian eye stitch Back-stitched chain stitch Barred buttonhole wheel Braid stitch filling Bullion picot Buttonhole bars (cutwork) Buttonhole corner (drawn thread) Buttonhole couronne Buttonhole edging Buttonhole edging (variation) Buttonhole scallops Buttonhole stitch Chain stitch (drawn thread) Chessboard filling (pulled thread) Cobbler filling stitch Coil filling stitch Diagonal chevron stitch Diagonal cross filling Diagonal drawn filling Diagonal hem stitch Diamond eyelet (pulled thread) Diamond Eyelet (single) Dot stitch Double faggot filling stitch Double running stitch Double twist stitch Drawn thread preparation Drawn thread preparation with buttonhole edges Eyelet stitch Festoon filling stitch Finishing stitch Fishbone stitch Four-sided stitch Framed cross filling French knot Greek cross filling stitch Hem stitch (Drawn Thread) Holding stitch Hollie stitch Honeycomb darning Honeycomb filling Knotted border Knotted pearl stitch Ladder hem stitch Ladder stitch (pulled thread) Large eyelet Long and short stitch Loop picot Mountmellick stitch Open basket filling stitch Outline stitch Overcast edging Overcast hem stitch Overcast stitch Padded satin stitch (laid work padding) Padded satin stitch (split stitch padding) Picot Ring picot Ringed back stitch filling Round eyelet (pulled thread) Running stitch Satin stitch Seeding stitch Single faggot stitch Slanted satin stitch Small eyelet Small round eyelet (pulled thread) Split stitch Square eyelet (pulled thread) Stem stitch Tapered trailing Three-sided stitch Trailing Turned satin stitch Wave stitch filling (pulled thread) Woven wheel corner Wrapped bars (drawn thread)