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Buttonhole couronnes

​Buttonhole couronnes are small circles of buttonhole stitch which are detached from the fabric.  They are worked around various sized knitting needles or wooden dowelling to produce different sized circles. Any type of thread can be used for this stitch.

Couronnes can be attached to your base fabric at either one point, or two to four points using a fine thread in a matching colour, Bring the needle up on the outside of the circle and take it back down through the centre of a stitch.  They can sometimes be difficult to master, but prove to be very useful.

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Buttonhole couronnes method stage 1 photograph

To make a large couronne, thread two strands of perlé cotton through a needle and double it to form four strands. Hold the threads firmly in place on the dowelling (form), leaving a long tail.

Buttonhole couronnes method stage 2 photograph

Wrap the thread around the back of the form and cross it over at the front.

Buttonhole couronnes method stage 3 photograph

Take the needle down behind the wrapped thread and bring it up through the loop.

Buttonhole couronnes method stage 4 photograph

Tighten the buttonhole stitch firmly around the form.

Buttonhole couronnes method stage 5 photograph

Make the second stitch just to the right of the first.

Buttonhole couronnes method stage 6 photograph

Continue around the form, placing each buttonhole stitch firmly against the previous one to form a tight circle of stitches.

Buttonhole couronnes method stage 7 photograph

Complete the couronne by taking the thread up through the first stitch. Leave the thread threaded through the needle.

Buttonhole couronnes method stage 8 photograph

Remove the couronne and use the needle and thread to attach it to the fabric. Take the tail thread through to the back of the fabric and use a separate single thread to stitch the couronne in place. Cast off all threads on the back.

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Buttonhole couronnes

Buttonhole couronnes can be identified as by the buttonhole stitch being used around a circle of thread to create a detached couronne that can be sewn onto fabric to produce a varying raised effect dependent on the design.


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