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Also known as Bride, Bridge, Leg, Tie, Strap, Pearl

A bar is a thread structures which is normally worked across a void as part of cutwork or needlepoint lace.  They can be made from the ground fabric (where the surrounding fabric is cut away and the remainder is stitched over) or from thread(s) stitched across the void which are then embellished.

There are various terms for bars, depending on whether they are decorated:
• Brides picotées, brides à picot, dotted bars, pearl bars and pearl ties are embellished with picots
• Brides ornées are embellished but not necessarily with picots
• Brides claires are unembellished (buttonhole) bars
N.B. the alternative name of ‘pearl’ is more commonly used to refer to a picot, but can be used for the bar itself.

Bar Stitches