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This simple picot is formed by wrapping the thread around the needle three times and then taking the needle back into where it started.  Its method uses a similar technique to the bullion knot and it therefore has similarities with the bullion picot, but the result is much smaller and forms a nodule rather than a loop.

These tiny picots are often used to embellish both buttonhole bars and also other picots, especially ring picots.

Picot is generously sponsored by Betty Jo Scurei


Work from left to right.

Picot method stage 1 photograph

Work buttonhole stitches along the edge. When you reach the point where you wish to make a picot, insert the needle back into the last buttonhole stitch.

Picot method stage 2 photograph

About the half way through, hold the needle with finger and thumb.

Picot method stage 3 photograph

Wrap the thread three times anti-clockwise.

Picot method stage 4 photograph

Push the wraps down towards the buttonhole stitch. Keep holding the wraps and then pull the needle through.

Picot method stage 5 photograph

Now a simple picot is created.

Picot method stage 6 photograph

Bring the needle back up through the last buttonhole stitch.

Picot method stage 7 photograph

Continue working the buttonhole stitch until the next spot for another picot.


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