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Stitch Wall

Algerian eye stitch

Algerian eye stitch variation

Alternating cross stitch

Antique seam stitch

Antwerp edging stitch

Arrowhead stitch

Back stitch

Back stitch trellis

Back-stitched chain stitch

Ball stitch

Barred buttonhole wheel

Barred square stitch

Basket filling stitch

Basketweave (goldwork)

Basketweave tent stitch

Basque stitch

Battlement couching

Blanket stitch

Block shading

Block trellis (pattern)

Bokhara couching

Braid stitch

Braid stitch filling

Brick shading

Brick stitch

Bricked wave (pattern)


Broad cross stitch

Bullion knot

Bullion picot

Bunched couching

Burden stitch

Buttonhole bars

Buttonhole bars (cutwork)

Buttonhole corner (drawn…

Buttonhole couronne

Buttonhole edging

Buttonhole edging (variation)

Buttonhole scallops

Buttonhole stitch

Buttonhole wheels

Byzantine stitch

Cable chain stitch

Cable stitch

Carpet felt padding

Cashmere stitch

Ceylon stitch

Chain stitch

Chain stitch (canvaswork)

Chain stitch (drawn thread)

Chequer stitch

Chequered chain stitch

Chessboard filling (pulled…

Chessboard filling stitch

Chevron (pattern)

Chevron stem stitch

Chevron stitch

Chinese knot


Closed buttonhole stitch

Closed diagonal darning…

Closed feather stitch

Closed fly stitch

Closed herringbone darning…

Closed herringbone stitch

Cloud filling stitch

Cobbler filling stitch

Coil filling stitch

Colonial knot

Compressed lace (pattern)

Condensed cashmere stitch

Condensed mosaic stitch

Condensed Scotch stitch

Continental tent stitch

Coral stitch

Couched herringbone stitch


Couching around a right-angle

Couching in a circle…

Counted satin stitch

Cretan open filling stitch

Cretan stitch (closed)

Cretan stitch (open)

Cross bar filling trellis

Cross bar with link trellis

Cross stitch

Crossed buttonhole stitch

Crossed cushion stitch

Cushion stitch

Cutwork purls over soft string

Darning stitch

Detached buttonhole bars

Detached chain stitch

Detached wheatear stitch

Detached woven picot

Diagonal chevron stitch

Diagonal cross filling

Diagonal drawn filling

Diagonal hem stitch

Diagonal leaf stitch

Diagonal stitch

Diagonal tile (pattern)

Diagonal trellis (pattern)

Diagonal wave (pattern)

Diagonal weave (pattern)

Diamond eyelet (pattern)

Diamond eyelet (pulled thread)

Diamond Eyelet (single)

Diamond stitch

Diamond tile (pattern)

Diamond trellis (pattern)

Diaper couching (goldwork)

Dot stitch

Double back stitch

Double Brussels stitch

Double buttonhole stitch

Double chain stitch

Double corded Brussels stitch

Double cross stitch

Double darning

Double faggot filling stitch

Double feather stitch

Double herringbone stitch

Double knot stitch

Double linked cross stitch

Double running stitch

Double straight cross stitch

Double twist stitch

Drawn buttonhole stitch

Drawn square stitch

Drawn thread preparation

Drawn thread preparation with…

Dutch stitch

Elizabethan back stitch…

Elizabethan back stitch…

Elizabethan blanket stitch

Elizabethan Ceylon stitch

Elizabethan corded Brussels…

Elizabethan corded detached…

Elizabethan corded trellis…

Elizabethan double ladder…

Elizabethan double looped…

Elizabethan double twisted…

Elizabethan French stitch

Elizabethan Gobelin stitch

Elizabethan ground stitch

Elizabethan half stitch

Elizabethan half-and-turn…

Elizabethan holly braid stitch

Elizabethan knitting stitch

Elizabethan Ladder braid…

Elizabethan ladder stitch

Elizabethan lark's head ladder…

Elizabethan looped edging

Elizabethan plaited braid…

Elizabethan plaited braid…

Elizabethan trammed half…

Elizabethan tubular Ceylon…

Elizabethan twist application

Elizabethan whipped cording…

Encroaching oblique Gobelin…

Encroaching straight Gobelin…

Ermine stitch

Eyelet stitch

Fan (pattern)

Fan stitch

Fancy buttonhole filling…

Feather stitch

Feathered chain stitch

Felt padding

Fern stitch

Fern stitch (canvaswork)

Festoon filling stitch

Finishing stitch

Fishbone stitch

Flat cutwork (goldwork)

Flat stitch

Floral lace (pattern)

Florentine stitch

Fly stitch

Fly stitch filling

Flying cross stitch

Four-legged knot stitch

Four-sided stitch

Framed cross filling

French knot

French stitch

Gold twist application


Grecian curls (pattern)

Greek cross filling stitch

Greek stitch

Half cross tent stitch

Half Rhodes stitch

Hard string padding (goldwork)

Harlequin (pattern)

Heavy chain stitch

Hem stitch (Drawn Thread)

Herringbone ladder filling…

Herringbone stitch

Hexagonal lozenge (pattern)

Holbein stitch

Holding stitch

Hollie stitch

Honeycomb (pattern)

Honeycomb darning

Honeycomb filling

Hungarian grounding stitch

Hungarian stitch

Interlaced cross bar

Interlaced herringbone band

Interlaced herringbone stitch

Interlocking 'I's (pattern)

Interlocking 'Y's (pattern)

Interlocking 'Z's (pattern)

Jacquard stitch

Jessica Stitch

John stitch

Kid leather application…

Knotted border

Knotted buttonhole stitch

Knotted cable chain stitch

Knotted chain stitch

Knotted pearl stitch

Lace (pattern)

Laced herringbone stitch

Ladder hem stitch

Ladder stitch (pulled thread)

Ladder stitch (surface)

Laid work

Large eyelet

Leaf stitch (canvaswork)

Leaf stitch (surface)

Leaves (pattern)

Long and short blanket stitch

Long and short stitch

Long-armed cross stitch

Long-tailed daisy stitch

Loop picot

Loop stitch

Maltese cross stitch

Marking cross stitch

Milanese stitch

Montenegrin stitch

Moorish stitch

Mosaic stitch

Mountmellick stitch

Norwich stitch

Oatmeal stitch

Oblique Gobelin stitch

Oblong cross stitch

Oblong double-tied cross…

Octagon star (pattern)

Octagonal square (pattern)

Open basket filling stitch

Open chain stitch

Open fishbone stitch

Open honeycomb (pattern)

Open lace (pattern)

Open zigzag (pattern)

Outline stitch

Overcast edging

Overcast hem stitch

Overcast stitch

Padded satin stitch (laid work…

Padded satin stitch (split…

Parisian stitch

Pearl purl application

Pearl Stitch

Pearl stitch (variation)

Pekinese stitch

Perspective stitch

Perspective stitch variation

Petal stitch


Pineapple half drop stitch

Pistil stitch

Plait stitch

Plaited braid stitch

Plaited Gobelin stitch

Plate application


Point a la Minute

Point russe

Portuguese knotted stem stitch

Puncetto Valsesiano

Quaker stitch

Raised chain band stitch

Raised chevron stitch

Raised fishbone stitch

Raised leaf stitch

Raised spot stitch

Raised stem band stitch

Reverse chain stitch

Reversed cross stitch

Reversed cushion stitch

Reversed fly stitch

Rhodes stitch

Rice stitch (canvaswork)

Ring picot

Ringed back stitch filling

Rococo stitch

Romanian couching

Rope stitch

Rope stitch (variation)

Rosette chain stitch

Round eyelet (pulled thread)

Rounded eyelet (pattern)

Running stitch

S-ing (goldwork)

Satin stitch

Scattered triangle (pattern)

Scottish squares

Scroll stitch

Seeding stitch

Shell stitch

Shell stitch (variation)

Shisha stitch (variation 1)

Shisha stitch (variation 2)

Shisha stitch (variation 3)

Single Brussels stitch

Single corded Brussels stitch

Single faggot stitch

Single feather stitch

Single point de Venise

Sinhalese chain stitch

Slanted satin stitch

Slip stitch

Small diamond (pattern)

Small eyelet

Small round eyelet (pulled…

Soft string padding

Sorbello stitch

Spaced buttonhole filling

Spaced cross stitch filling

Spangles held on with purls

Spanish knotted feather stitch

Spine chain stitch

Split stitch

Square boss stitch

Square eyelet (pulled thread)

Stab stitch

Staggered cashmere stitch

Star eyelet stitch

Stem stitch

Stepped fishbone stitch

Straight Gobelin stitch

Straight stitch

Surface darning stitch

Sword-edging stitch

T-blocks (pattern)

Tailor’s buttonhole stitch

Tapered trailing

Tent stitch

Tete-de-boeuf stitch

Thorn stitch

Threaded back stitch

Threaded chain stitch

Threaded herringbone stitch

Three-sided stitch

Tied Gobelin stitch

Tied herringbone stitch

Tied pavilion stitch


Treble Brussels stitch

Treble corded Brussels stitch


Triangular darning (pattern)

Tulip (pattern)

Turkey rug knot

Turkey rug stitch

Turned satin stitch

Turning metal thread couching

Twill stitch (canvaswork)

Twisted chain stitch

Two-sided cross stitch

Two-sided Italian cross stitch

Underside couching

Up and down blanket stitch

Upright cross stitch

Van Dyke stitch

Victorian step stitch

Waffle (pattern)

Wave stitch

Wave stitch filling (pulled…

Web stitch

Whip stitch

Whipped back stitch

Whipped blanket stitch

Whipped chain stitch

Whipped running stitch

Whipped stem stitch

Whipped wheel

Wild goose chase stitch

Woven bars

Woven picot

Woven wheel

Woven wheel corner

Wrapped bars (drawn thread)

Zigzag (pattern)