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Shading stitches are used to fill areas of a design with graduating colour or spacing.

Shading Stitches

Basketweave tent stitch Block shading Block trellis (pattern) Brick shading Brick stitch Bricked wave (pattern) Bullion knot Burden stitch Byzantine stitch Cashmere stitch Chevron (pattern) Chinese knot Closed diagonal darning (pattern) Closed herringbone darning (pattern) Colonial knot Compressed lace (pattern) Condensed cashmere stitch Continental tent stitch Cross stitch Crossed cushion stitch Cushion stitch Diagonal leaf stitch Diagonal tile (pattern) Diagonal trellis (pattern) Diagonal wave (pattern) Diagonal weave (pattern) Diamond eyelet (pattern) Diamond tile (pattern) Diamond trellis (pattern) Double linked cross stitch Double straight cross stitch Dutch stitch Elizabethan ground stitch Elizabethan half stitch Elizabethan trammed half stitch Encroaching straight Gobelin stitch Ermine stitch Fan (pattern) Fan stitch Floral lace (pattern) Florentine stitch Fly stitch Flying cross stitch French knot Grecian curls (pattern) Half cross tent stitch Harlequin (pattern) Hexagonal lozenge (pattern) Honeycomb (pattern) Interlocking ‘I’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Y’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Z’s (pattern) Jacquard stitch John stitch Lace (pattern) Laid work Leaves (pattern) Long and short stitch Maltese cross stitch Milanese stitch Mosaic stitch Oatmeal stitch Oblique Gobelin stitch Oblong double-tied cross stitch Octagon star (pattern) Octagonal square (pattern) Open honeycomb (pattern) Open lace (pattern) Open zigzag (pattern) Padded satin stitch (laid work padding) Padded satin stitch (split stitch padding) Pearl stitch (variation) Pekinese stitch Pistil stitch Plait stitch Raised spot stitch Reversed cushion stitch Rhodes stitch Rice stitch (canvaswork) Rococo stitch Rounded eyelet (pattern) Satin stitch Scattered triangle (pattern) Seeding stitch Shell stitch (variation) Slanted satin stitch Small diamond (pattern) Staggered cashmere stitch Stepped fishbone stitch Straight Gobelin stitch T-blocks (pattern) Tent stitch Triangular darning (pattern) Tulip (pattern) Turkey rug knot Upright cross stitch Victorian step stitch Waffle (pattern) Wave stitch Web stitch Zigzag (pattern)