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Outline stitches are used to outline a particular area of a design, which may then be decorated with a filling stitch.

Outline Stitches

Arrowhead stitch Back stitch Back-stitched chain stitch Blanket stitch Bunched couching Cable chain stitch Cable stitch Chain stitch Chequered chain stitch Chevron stitch Closed herringbone stitch Coral stitch Couching Couching around a right-angle Cretan stitch (open) Cross stitch Dot stitch Double back stitch Double feather stitch Double knot stitch Double running stitch Elizabethan blanket stitch Elizabethan double looped edging Elizabethan double twisted chain stitch Elizabethan Ladder braid stitch Elizabethan ladder stitch Elizabethan looped edging Elizabethan plaited braid stitch Elizabethan plaited braid stitch (cherry variation) Feather stitch Feathered chain stitch Fern stitch Heavy chain stitch Knotted buttonhole stitch Knotted cable chain stitch Knotted chain stitch Knotted pearl stitch Long and short blanket stitch Long-armed cross stitch Mountmellick stitch Open chain stitch Outline stitch Overcast stitch Pearl purl application Pearl Stitch Pearl stitch (variation) Pekinese stitch Petal stitch Plaited braid stitch Portuguese knotted stem stitch Quaker stitch Raised chain band stitch Raised stem band stitch Reverse chain stitch Rope stitch Rope stitch (variation) Running stitch Scroll stitch Single feather stitch Spanish knotted feather stitch Spine chain stitch Split stitch Stem stitch Sword-edging stitch Tapered trailing Threaded back stitch Threaded chain stitch Trailing Turning metal thread couching Twisted chain stitch Up and down blanket stitch Whip stitch Whipped back stitch Whipped blanket stitch Whipped chain stitch Whipped running stitch Whipped satin stitch Whipped stem stitch