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Filling stitches are used to fill specific parts of a design so there is no ground fabric showing.  The areas filled are normally relatively large.

Filling Stitches

Algerian eye stitch Algerian eye stitch variation Alternating cross stitch Arrowhead stitch Barred square stitch Basketweave (goldwork) Basketweave tent stitch Battlement couching Block shading Brick stitch Bricked wave (pattern) Bricking Broad cross stitch Bullion knot Burden stitch Buttonhole corner (drawn thread) Buttonhole stitch Byzantine stitch Cashmere stitch Ceylon stitch Chain stitch Chain stitch (canvaswork) Chequer stitch Chevron (pattern) Chevron stem stitch Chinese knot Chipping Closed diagonal darning (pattern) Closed fly stitch Closed herringbone darning (pattern) Closed herringbone stitch Compressed lace (pattern) Condensed cashmere stitch Condensed Scotch stitch Continental tent stitch Couching in a circle (goldwork) Cretan stitch Cross stitch Crossed buttonhole stitch Crossed cushion stitch Cushion stitch Cutwork purls over soft string Double Brussels stitch Double corded Brussels stitch Double cross stitch Double linked cross stitch Double straight cross stitch Dutch stitch Elizabethan twist application Encroaching oblique Gobelin stitch Encroaching straight Gobelin stitch Fan (pattern) Fan stitch Fern stitch (canvaswork) Fishbone stitch Flat cutwork (goldwork) Flat stitch Florentine stitch Flying cross stitch French knot French stitch Greek stitch Half cross tent stitch Half Rhodes stitch Hard string padding (goldwork) Hexagonal lozenge (pattern) Holbein stitch Hungarian grounding stitch Hungarian stitch Interlocking ‘I’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Y’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Z’s (pattern) Jacquard stitch John stitch Ladder stitch (pulled thread) Laid work Large eyelet Leaf stitch (canvaswork) Leaf stitch (surface) Long and short stitch Long-armed cross stitch Maltese cross stitch Milanese stitch Montenegrin stitch Moorish stitch Mosaic stitch Norwich stitch Oatmeal stitch Oblique Gobelin stitch Oblong double-tied cross stitch Open Cretan stitch Outline stitch Padded satin stitch (laid work padding) Padded satin stitch (split stitch padding) Parisian stitch Pekinese stitch Perspective stitch variation Pineapple half drop stitch Pistil stitch Plait stitch Raised fishbone stitch Raised spot stitch Reverse chain stitch Reversed cushion stitch Rhodes stitch Rice stitch (canvaswork) Rococo stitch Romanian couching Satin stitch Shell stitch Single Brussels stitch Single corded Brussels stitch Single feather stitch Slanted satin stitch Small diamond (pattern) Small eyelet Split stitch Square eyelet (pulled thread) Staggered cashmere stitch Stem stitch Stepped fishbone stitch Straight Gobelin stitch T-blocks (pattern) Tent stitch Tied Gobelin stitch Tied pavilion stitch Treble Brussels stitch Treble corded Brussels stitch Trellis Turkey rug stitch Turned satin stitch Turning metal thread couching Two-sided Italian cross stitch Underside couching Upright cross stitch Victorian step stitch Web stitch Wild goose chase stitch