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Textured stitches are used to create either raised or flat decoration.

Embellishment Stitches

Algerian eye stitch Algerian eye stitch variation Back-stitched chain stitch Ball stitch Barred buttonhole wheel Basketweave (goldwork) Basque stitch beading Braid stitch Braid stitch filling Bullion knot Bullion picot Buttonhole bars Buttonhole bars (cutwork) Buttonhole couronne Buttonhole scallops Buttonhole wheels Cardboard padding Ceylon stitch Chain stitch Chipping Closed feather stitch Closed fly stitch Closed herringbone stitch Cobbler filling stitch Coil filling stitch Coral stitch Couched herringbone stitch Couching in a circle (goldwork) Cretan open filling stitch Crossed faggot filling Cutwork purls over soft string Detached buttonhole bars Detached chain stitch Detached wheatear stitch Detached woven picot Diagonal chevron stitch Diagonal cross filling Diagonal drawn filling Diamond Eyelet (single) Diamond stitch Diaper couching (goldwork) Dot stitch Double chain stitch Double corded Brussels stitch Double faggot filling stitch Double feather stitch Double herringbone stitch double herringbone stitch (variation) Double stitch filling Drawn faggot filling Drawn square stitch Elizabethan back stitch filling Elizabethan back stitch variation Elizabethan blanket stitch Elizabethan corded Brussels stitch Elizabethan double ladder stitch Elizabethan double looped edging Elizabethan ladder stitch Elizabethan lark’s head ladder stitch Elizabethan looped edging Elizabethan tubular Ceylon stitch Elizabethan whipped cording stitch Feather stitch Feathered chain stitch Fern stitch Festoon filling stitch Fishbone stitch Flat cutwork (goldwork) Fly stitch Four-sided stitch Framed cross filling French knot Granito Herringbone ladder filling stitch Holbein stitch Hollie stitch Honeycomb darning Honeycomb filling Interlaced herringbone band Interlaced herringbone stitch Jessica Stitch Kid leather application (goldwork) Knotted buttonhole filling stitch Knotted chain stitch Laced herringbone stitch ladder stitch (pulled thread) Ladder stitch (surface) Loop stitch Marking cross stitch Open basket filling stitch Overcast hem stitch Perspective stitch Petal stitch Picot Pistil stitch Plaited braid stitch Plate application Point a la Minute Point russe Puncetto Valsesiano Raised chevron stitch Raised fishbone stitch Raised leaf stitch Reverse chain stitch Reversed faggot stitch Ringed back stitch filling Rope stitch (variation) Rosette chain stitch Round eyelet (pulled thread) S-ing (goldwork) Shisha stitch (variation 1) Shisha stitch (variation 2) Shisha stitch (variation 3) Single Brussels stitch Single corded Brussels stitch Single faggot stitch Single feather stitch Small round eyelet (pulled thread) Sorbello stitch Spangles held on with purls Spanish knotted feather stitch Square eyelet (pulled thread) Stab stitch Star eyelet stitch Straight stitch Tapered trailing Tete-de-boeuf stitch Thorn stitch Threaded back stitch Threaded chain stitch Threaded herringbone stitch Tied herringbone stitch Trailing Treble Brussels stitch Treble corded Brussels stitch Turkey rug knot Turkey rug stitch Turning metal thread couching Two-sided cross stitch Velvet stitch Wave stitch filling (pulled thread) Whip stitch Whipped blanket stitch Whipped chain stitch Whipped satin stitch Whipped stem stitch Whipped wheel Woven picot Woven wheel Woven wheel corner