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A combination or configuration of stitches repeated at regular intervals to build up a pattern. Most commonly used in Canvaswork, Blackwork, Smocking, Pulled Whitework, Diaper patterns, Wessex embroidery and Trellis techniques.

Pattern Stitches

Algerian eye stitch Algerian eye stitch variation Alternating cross stitch Arrowhead stitch Barred square stitch Basket filling stitch Battlement couching Block trellis (pattern) Brick shading Brick stitch Broad cross stitch Byzantine stitch Cashmere stitch Chequer stitch Chessboard filling (pulled thread) Chevron (pattern) Cobbler filling stitch Coil filling stitch Compressed lace (pattern) Condensed cashmere stitch Condensed Scotch stitch Cross bar filling trellis Cross bar with link trellis Crossed cushion stitch Cushion stitch Diagonal drawn filling Diagonal hem stitch Diagonal leaf stitch Diagonal tile (pattern) Diagonal trellis (pattern) Diamond eyelet (pulled thread) Diamond trellis (pattern) Diaper couching (goldwork) Double cross stitch Elizabethan French stitch Elizabethan half-and-turn stitch Fan (pattern) Framed cross filling Half Rhodes stitch Harlequin (pattern) Hexagonal lozenge (pattern) Honeycomb (pattern) Honeycomb filling Hungarian grounding stitch Hungarian stitch Interlaced cross bar Interlocking ‘I’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Y’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Z’s (pattern) John stitch Knotted border Lace (pattern) Ladder stitch (pulled thread) Leaf stitch (canvaswork) Milanese stitch Moorish stitch Mosaic stitch Oatmeal stitch Octagon star (pattern) Octagonal square (pattern) Open honeycomb (pattern) Parisian stitch Perspective stitch Perspective stitch variation Rice stitch (canvaswork) Rococo stitch Rounded eyelet (pattern) Scattered triangle (pattern) Shell stitch (variation) Small diamond (pattern) Staggered cashmere stitch T-blocks (pattern) Trellis Tulip (pattern) Two-sided Italian cross stitch Upright cross stitch Van Dyke stitch Waffle (pattern) Wild goose chase stitch Zigzag (pattern)