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Flat stitches are those with minimal texture which lay flat to the surface.  They are made without knotting, looping, overlapping, crossing or otherwise interweaving the thread.

Flat Stitches

Arrowhead stitch Back stitch Back stitch trellis Basketweave tent stitch Bosnia stitch Bricked wave (pattern) Byzantine stitch Cashmere stitch Chessboard filling (pulled thread) Chevron stitch Closed diagonal darning (pattern) Closed herringbone darning (pattern) Compressed lace (pattern) Condensed cashmere stitch Condensed mosaic stitch Condensed Scotch stitch Continental tent stitch Cushion stitch Darning stitch Diagonal stitch Diagonal tile (pattern) Diagonal trellis (pattern) Diagonal wave (pattern) Diagonal weave (pattern) Diamond eyelet (pattern) Diamond tile (pattern) Diamond trellis (pattern) Dot stitch Elizabethan ground stitch Elizabethan half stitch Encroaching oblique Gobelin stitch Encroaching straight Gobelin stitch Fan (pattern) Fence stitch Fern stitch Finishing stitch Floral lace (pattern) Grecian curls (pattern) Half cross tent stitch Harlequin (pattern) Hexagonal lozenge (pattern) Holbein stitch Holding stitch Honeycomb (pattern) Hungarian grounding stitch Hungarian stitch Interlocking ‘I’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Y’s (pattern) Interlocking ‘Z’s (pattern) Jacquard stitch John stitch Lace (pattern) Laid work Leaf stitch (canvaswork) Leaves (pattern) Long and short stitch Milanese stitch Moorish stitch Mosaic stitch Oatmeal stitch Oblique Gobelin stitch Octagon star (pattern) Octagonal square (pattern) Open honeycomb (pattern) Open lace (pattern) Open zigzag (pattern) Point russe Reversed cushion stitch Rounded eyelet (pattern) Running stitch Satin stitch Scattered triangle (pattern) Scottish squares Seeding stitch Small diamond (pattern) Staggered cashmere stitch Star eyelet stitch Straight Gobelin stitch Straight Milanese stitch Straight stitch T-blocks (pattern) Tent stitch Triangular darning (pattern) Tulip (pattern) Twill stitch (canvaswork) Victorian step stitch Whip stitch