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Wrapped bars (drawn thread)

  • Cording

Wrapped bars are small, even, groups of drawn thread bars which are tightly wrapped in thread.

Wrapped bars (drawn thread) is generously sponsored by Susan Rhodes


Wrapped bars (drawn thread) method stage 1 photograph

Prepare for wrapped bars stitch by following one of the drawn thread removal techniques.

Wrapped bars (drawn thread) method stage 2 photograph

For this sample, hem stitch was worked to gather the threads in bunches of two.
Cast on the overwoven end, count under three bunches and bring the needle up.

Wrapped bars (drawn thread) method stage 3 photograph

Take the needle down in the first gap again.

Wrapped bars (drawn thread) method stage 4 photograph

Pull slightly to wrap the three bunches together, but not too tightly.
Continue to wrap over the same bars, making sure that each wrap sits neatly next to the previous one. Count the wraps as you go. Push the wraps with the needle to press them more tightly together.

Wrapped bars (drawn thread) method stage 5 photograph

Continue to wrap the same way until you reach the other edge, weave down the last single bar to allow you to then carry the thread under the next three bunches to start the next bar. Wrap each set of bunches the same number of time.

Wrapped bars (drawn thread) method stage 6 photograph

The finished sample of wrapped bars.

Wrapped bars (drawn thread)

Embroidery Techniques

Unusually for drawn thread work, wrapped bars stitch uses stranded cotton.

Identifying Wrapped bars (drawn thread)


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