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Wild goose chase stitch

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This canvaswork stitch is worked in horizontal bands of triangular stitches. When the pattern is complete, you can see the wings of the geese following one another. You could also work the middle two rows of the ‘flying geese’ with beads for a different effect.

Wild goose chase stitch is generously sponsored by Lady Penelope Williams



Work a small vertical stitch over one thread. Then stitch over two, three and four threads, making sure that the stitches are level at the top. Repeat this across the row.


The second row begins with a stitch over four threads, directly below the small stitch in the first row. Then stitch over three, two and one threads. The lower edge should remain level.


The third row is a mirror image of the second row. Start from right to left.


The fourth row completes the pattern. Work the stitched over four, three, two and one threads as shown.


Completed Wild Goose Chase Stitch

Wild goose chase stitch

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