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Whipped satin stitch

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Whipped satin stitch is a combination of satin stitch and whip stitch. The slanted satin stitch is worked first, and then whip stitch is placed almost at right angles and slightly apart. Unlike most whipped stitches, the whipped part of this stitch is taken through the fabric.

This stitch is often used for filling flower and leaf shapes or heavy stems. Both elements can be worked in a single colour or the whipped part can be worked in a contrasting colour.

Whipped satin stitch is generously sponsored by Chris and Gill Skilton in loving memory of Kath Skilton


The whip stitch can be worked in the same thread as the satin stitch, but in the example below thread of a different colour, weight and texture is used.


First, outline the design area with split stitch and then fill it with slanted satin stitch. To work the whip stitch, bring the needle up on one the edge. Lay the thread across the satin stitch at almost a right angle to the original stitches and take the thread down on the opposite edge.


Bring the thread back up slightly along from the first stitch, on the original edge and repeat.


Space the whip stitches at regular intervals along the satin stitch. Ensure your stitches are close to the edge of the satin stitch.

Whipped satin stitch

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