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Whipped running stitch

  • Whipping
  • Cordonnet stitch

​Whipped running stitch is an embellishment to a normal running stitch. By entwining or ‘whipping’ another length of thread through the original base of running stitch, you can produce some interesting effects, particularly when combining different colour and texture threads.

For more background see the entry for running stitch.

Whipped running stitch is generously sponsored by Ingrid Coombes



Complete a line of equally spaced running stitches.


Using a tapestry needle, take the needle under each surface stitch. Remember to approach each loop from the same direction.


It can be worked in a similar or contrasting thread.

Whipped running stitch

Common uses

Identifying Whipped running stitch

​An outline stitch

The whipping thread will always enter under the base running stitch from the same side and whip each stitch in sequence.


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