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Whipped chain stitch

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This stitch is formed of a line of chain stitch with a thread whipped around it.  The whipped thread can be the same as the chain stitch thread, or a contrasting one.

Whipped chain stitch is generously sponsored by Sarah Brown

Open basket filling stitch is generously sponsored by The Huddersfield Embroidery and Textile Arts Group, remembering all their stitching friends with love.


Whipped chain stitch can be worked on both straight and curved lines. For whipping, use a tapestry needle to avoid piercing the fabric or thread.


Work from top to bottom, make a line of chain stitch first.


At the end of the chain stitch, make a small straight stitch to anchor the last chain.


Introduce a new thread at the top end of the chain stitch. You could use a contrasting colour for a striking effect.


Whip the new thread by passing the needle under each chain stitch. Make sure not to pierce the fabric.


At the end of the chain stitch, simply take down the needle and secure the thread with a finishing stitch.

Whipped chain stitch

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