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Whipped blanket stitch

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This stitch is formed of a line of blanket stitch with a thread whipped around the lower edge of the stitch.  The whipped thread can be the same as the blanket stitch thread, or a contrasting one.

Whipped blanket stitch is generously sponsored by Charlotte Watkinson


Use a tapestry needle (blunt needle) for whipping in order to avoid piercing the fabric or splitting the blanket stitch.


Work from left to right. First make a row of ordinary blanket stitch.


At the end of the blanket stitch, make a small stitch to anchor the thread.


Introduce a new thread, coming up right next to the anchoring stitch at the end.


Work from right to left. Pass a tapestry needle under lower edge of each blanket stitch for whipping.


At the end of whipping, simply take the needle down through the fabric.

Whipped blanket stitch

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