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Whip stitch

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Whip stitch is a simple diagonal stitch in whipping/wrapping motion, and it is often used to attach two fabrics together. It can also be used as a surface stitch as shown here, and this is a very simple, effective way to create a rope effect in Beadwork embroidery.

Whip stitch is generously sponsored by Susan Stallings


You can vary the length of the stitches, or alternate between different beads, or combinations of beads and sequins in order to achieve various interesting effects.


Work a diagonal straight stitch and come up to the left of the end of the first stitch.


Work another diagonal stitch and continue.


Work from bottom to top. It is quite open when worked in embroidery thread only.


It becomes more linear and closed when worked in beads, or bead and sequin combinations.

Structure of stitch

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