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Web stitch

This canvaswork stitch of couched diagonal lines gives a woven appearance.  The laid threads span the width of the area; the couching stitches are evenly spaced and over two canvas intersections.

Web stitch is generously sponsored by Grace Palmer



Begin at the top left-hand corner of the area with a cross stitch over two by two canvas threads. Make sure the top stitch lays bottom right to top left.


Start the next long stitch two threads down from the bottom left-hand corner of the cross stitch.


Work back across this thread with diagonal stitches, always taking them from bottom right to top left and tucking them under the previous couched thread.


Lay the next long thread and again couch back across it.


Continue the pattern by laying threads and then immediately couching them down.

Web stitch

Structure of stitch


Common uses

Gives a woven appearance

Embroidery Techniques

Related Stitches

Identifying Web stitch

​The stitches laying bottom left to top right will span the distance of the shape whilst the stitches laying bottom right to top left are stitched over only two threads of the canvas.


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