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Twill stitch (canvaswork)

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This canvaswork stitch consists of vertical stitches over three threads which are stepped by one thread from the next column to form diagonal lines.  The pattern is reminiscent of woven twill fabric, presumably hence the name.

For a slightly shorter stepped vertical stitch, see brick stitch which is normally over two threads, offset by one.

Twill stitch (canvaswork) is generously sponsored by Janet Luther


Vary the direction of the rows to produce a different effect.


Make a vertical stitch over three threads of the canvas.


Make an identical stitch adjacent, but stepped up by one thread of the canvas.


Continue across the area to produce a diagonal row of satin stitches.


Using the same vertical stitch over three canvas threads, work back across the shape directly below, sharing a hole with the previous stitches.


Continue the pattern across the area to be filled.

Twill stitch (canvaswork)

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Twill stitch (canvaswork)

Diagonal rows of satin stitch reminiscent of twill fabric.  If the stitch is over two threads and offset by one, see brick stitch.


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