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Triangular darning (pattern) icon
Triangular darning (pattern)

This blackwork pattern is made up of blocks of five straight stitches that increase in size creating a triangular shape.  It produces a simple, fairly dense pattern which lends itself to larger areas, especially architectural shapes.

Triangular darning (pattern) is generously sponsored by Eva Cantin


Stitches can be varied in length to suit the design.


Start with a vertical stitch over two threads of the fabric. Add four more parallel stitches to the right, each increasing downward by one thread of the fabric to form a triangle.


Repeat the triangle horizontally across the area. Ensure that the top of each stitch starts along the same horizontal line.


Continue working rows back and forth across the shape to complete the pattern, leaving a single thread of the fabric between the longest stitches on each row.

Triangular darning (pattern)

Structure of stitch

A darning pattern made up of straight parallel stitches.

Common uses

Used in blackwork to give dense coverage in a design.

Embroidery Techniques


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