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Treble leviathan stitch

  • Triple leviathan stitch
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This canvaswork stitch forms a textured square rosette pattern.  It is created by working sets of three angled stitches from each corner of a square into the centre to form rosettes; the gaps between them are filled with upright cross stitches.

It is a more elaborate version of double cross stitch (also known as leviathan stitch) and double leviathan stitch.  It is similar to the first stages of Algerian eye stitch (variation) but the small upright cross stitches make it more complex.

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Starting in the corner make a diagonal stitch over two intersections, followed by a stitch either side of this into the same centre hole.


Repeat the three stitches three more times to create a square shape radiating around a central hole.


An upright cross is then worked into the centre of each side. This step may be worked in the same shade or a contrasting colour.

Treble leviathan stitch method stage 4 photograph

Each square shape sits side by side in rows and columns leaving a space for the upright cross to nest.

Treble leviathan stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Treble leviathan stitch

This stitch can be identified by the groups of three diagonal stitches which are worked from the four corners into the same central hole.  It has similarities with Algerian eye stitch variation, but rather than a single upright cross over the whole stitch, four small upright crosses are worked between the stitches.


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