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Tied pavilion stitch icon
Tied pavilion stitch

​This canvaswork stitch is a large diamond-shaped pattern made up of vertical stitches, with the longest middle stitch tied in the centre of the stitch.

Dedicated to Mary B. Bahniuk


This stitch can be worked without the tie.
A smaller diamond pattern can be worked with five stitches rather than the seven shown here, in which case the first stitch should be worked over six canvas threads.


Make the tied central stitch of the diamond first. This is a long vertical stitch across eight canvas threads,


tied in the centre with a horizontal stitch across two canvas threads.


With this in place, start to fill in the diamond shape with two vertical stitches, each over six threads, to either side of the tied central stitch.


Next, add vertical stitches over four canvas threads on both sides


and finally add vertical stitches over two threads at the edges.


Continue the pattern by working the adjacent pavilion.

Tied pavilion stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

This is a large flat stitch that covers the canvas quickly.

Embroidery Techniques


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