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Tied herringbone stitch

  • Coral knotted herringbone stitch
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This version of herringbone stitch has a second thread which covers part of the herringbone stitching and is anchored by a small knot where the herringbone stitches cross.  The knot is the same as that used in coral stitch, hence the alternative name of coral knotted herringbone stitch.

N.B. Another stitch, couched herringbone stitch, is sometimes also known as tied herringbone stitch.

Tied herringbone stitch is generously sponsored by Lucy Shaw



Work a row of herringbone stitch.


Use a different colour for the second thread. Come up next to the intersection of the herringbone stitch, and work a coral stitch without piercing the fabric.


Continue making a coral stitch. Make sure to position the coral knots over the intersection of the herringbone stitches, tying them together.


Continue working with the second thread to make a knotted zigzag line on top of the herringbone stitch.


To finish, take the needle down next to the last intersection of the herringbone stitch.

Tied herringbone stitch

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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