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Threaded herringbone stitch

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This stitch is constructed from a line of herringbone stitch, with a thread woven over the crosses and under the length of the stitch.  The threading can be done with the same colour as the original thread or a contrasting colour of thread.

For more background, see the entry for herringbone stitch.

Threaded herringbone stitch is generously sponsored by Anne Berg Gjolberg



Work a row of herringbone stitch.


For threading, use a tapestry needle. Bring the needle up to the right of the top intersections, just below the top of the stitching.


Slide the needle under the right diagonal stitch and over the left diagonal stitch, above the cross.


Continue sliding the needle under the stitches in the same way. At the end, take the needle through the fabric to the left of the top intersection.


For the second threading, bring the new thread up to the right of the bottom part of the herringbone stitch, just above the bottom of the stitching.


Work in the same way as the first threading.


A completed threaded herringbone stitch

Threaded herringbone stitch

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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