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Threaded chain stitch

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Threaded chain stitch is worked on a row of detached chain stitch; the foundation row of detached chain stitch can be worked in a different thread or colour from that used for threading.  A second row of threading can be worked if desired.  This stitch lends itself to outlining shapes or as a border.

For more background, see the entry for chain stitch.

Threaded chain stitch is generously sponsored by Jennifer Blackburn


Use a tapestry needle for threading in order to avoid piercing the fabric and thread.


Work a foundation row of detached chain stitch.


Using a different thread, bring your needle up in the middle of the first detached chain stitch.  To start the threading, pass the needle under one side of the chain stitch; continue by sliding the needle under the second chain stitch.  Your needle should not pierce the fabric during the threading.


Now slide the needle under the third detached chain stitch.


Continue passing the thread back and forth under the detached chain stitches.


A second threading can be worked from the same starting point: slide the needle under one side of the first chain stitch, and then pass the needle under the second chain stitch.


Work the second threading alternately back and forth. The second thread will fill the spaces left by the first threading so that the stitch is symmetrical.

Threaded chain stitch

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