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Straight Milanese stitch

  • Vertical Milanese stitch
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This stitch is a straight version of Milanese stitch: it consists of triangles stacked in a straight line, although collectively they give a visual effect of a wavy line.  At their narrowest point the triangles are worked over two threads and at their widest over eight.

Like all canvas stitches it can be worked vertically or horizontally (the name ‘straight Milanese stitch’ is more commonly used for the horizontal version whereas ‘vertical Milanese stitch’ obviously refers to the vertical version).


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The each triangle can be formed by 3, 4 or 5 parallel stitches.  The point of the triangle is worked over two threads and each subsequent stitch length increases by two threads.


Start with a horizontal thread over two canvas threads.


Below this, add 3 horizontal stitches each increasing by one canvas thread at each end to complete a triangle shape.


Continue working down and repeat the triangles in a column.


Work back up the adjacent column using the same sequence, with the position of the triangles reversed, so that the smallest stitch is placed beside the longest in the first row and the triangles fit together.

Straight Milanese stitch

Structure of stitch

Straight Milanese stitch is made up of four or five horizontal parallel stitches each over an even number of threads, each stitch increasing in length by two threads; two four six eight and ten if you want a larger pattern.

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