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Star eyelet stitch

  • Spoke stitch
  • Ray stitch

This surface embroidery stitch consists of several straight stitches radiating out from a small central hole.  The straight stitches can vary in number, length and spacing.  The alternative names of ray and spoke stitch accurately describe the structure of the stitch.

N.B. Algerian eye stitch is sometimes also known as a star eyelet.

Star eyelet stitch is generously sponsored by Michelle Long


Star eyelet stitches can have an odd or even number of spokes; they can be circular, oval or an irregular shape; the spokes can have even or irregular spaces between them and the length of the spokes can vary.


Decide where the centre of your eyelet is and how long you want the spokes of the eyelet to be, and bring your needle up that distance from the centre.  Take your needle down in the centre of the eyelet.


For the next spoke, bring your needle up a little further around the edge of the eyelet shape, then down again in the centre.


Repeat until you have completed the circle.


Further eyelet stitches can be added to fill an area or form a pattern.

Star eyelet stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

​Star eyelet stitch can be used for flowerheads and background decoration.

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Star eyelet stitch

​This eyelet stitch has no definitive number of spokes, and each spoke can have varying lengths, but all spokes go through one central hole.


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