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Staggered cashmere stitch

  • Diagonal Cashmere stitch
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Each rectangular cashmere block of this pattern is worked across two canvas threads by three.

This stitch is very similar to condensed cashmere stitch, evidenced by the fact that this version is sometimes also known as diagonal cashmere stitch.  Both feature offset cashmere blocks: the difference is that in this version each block is complete, whereas the blocks in diagonal cashmere stitch are condensed.

Staggered cashmere stitch is generously sponsored by Catherine Clelland



Make a single tent stitch across one intersection of the canvas.


Starting directly beneath this stitch make a diagonal stitch across two intersections of canvas.


Repeat to make a second stitch across two intersections of canvas.


Finish off the rectangle with a second tent stitch at the bottom right corner of the block.


Continue the sequence to complete a horizontal row of identical blocks.


Offset the following rows to complete staggered cashmere.

Staggered cashmere stitch

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques

Variant Stitches


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