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Square eyelet (pulled thread)

  • Detached Eyelet

This pulled work stitch is a square stitch consisting of an even number of stitches radiating out from a central hole.  It can be worked individually or rows of square eyelet can be combined with other pulled work stitches to form a filling pattern.

Square eyelets feature on several 19th century Turkish pieces currently held by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, some of them using metal thread. They also feature within Quteife embroidery from western Syria, known for its red dresses stitched in bright colours. 

This stitch is similar to Algerian eye stitch: the difference is in the number of stitches radiating from the centre and how much tension is used to open the centre of the stitch.

Square eyelet (pulled thread) is generously sponsored by Alison Elliott


Pull the thread tight each time in order to keep a neat hole in the centre.

Square eyelet (pulled thread) method stage 1 photograph

Bring the needle up and make a horizontal stitch four threads to the left (this is the position of the centre hole).

Square eyelet (pulled thread) method stage 2 photograph

Bring the needle up one thread below the starting point and pull.

Square eyelet (pulled thread) method stage 3 photograph

Take the needle down in the centre hole (four threads left and one up).

Square eyelet (pulled thread) method stage 4 photograph

Follow the diagram for the placement of the stitches, and continue round the eyelet.

Square eyelet (pulled thread) method stage 5 photograph

Pull the thread each time you bring the needle up through the fabric, to maintain a neat hole.

Square eyelet (pulled thread) method stage 6 photograph

Pull the final stitch.

Square eyelet (pulled thread) method stage 7 photograph

The finished eyelet.

Square eyelet (pulled thread)

Structure of stitch

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