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Square boss stitch

  • Raised knot
  • Square boss
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This is a cross stitch with a diagonal stitch over each of its corners which join to form a raised square.  The stitch is normally used as an isolated stitch, although it can be worked in rows to form a border, or as a filling stitch either evenly spaced or randomly scattered.

Rice stitch (canvaswork) is a similar stitch which is used as a canvaswork filling stitch.

Square boss stitch is generously sponsored by Rachel Gillard Jones



First, work a cross stitch.


Then work a back stitch over the bottom right arm of the cross stitch.


Next, cover the bottom left arm of the cross stitch with a back stitch - your stitch should end where the previous back stitch started.


Work another back stitch, this time to cover the top left arm of the cross stitch, again sharing a hole with the previous stitch.


Finally, cover the top right arm of the cross stitch with a back stitch - this stitch should complete the square.


A completed square boss stitch.

Square boss stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques


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