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Spaced cross stitch filling

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This filling stitch consists of diagonally offset cross stitches spaced across an area.  The stitches can be widely spaced, or stitched so that the corners touch.  It can be worked on either evenweave or plain weave fabric.

Spaced cross stitch filling is generously sponsored by the loving family of Mrs Liselotte Stewart, an extraordinary needleworker


This stitch relies on the stitches being evenly worked, so if you aren’t using an evenweave fabric, mark the positions of the crosses on the fabric.  Both arms of each cross are worked before moving onto the next cross to minimise the amount of trailing threads on the reverse.  The direction of the top crossing stitch should be consistent between the stitches.  Vary the spacing between the crosses to alter the density of the stitching.


Make a diagonal stitch lying bottom left to top right over three intersections.


Bring your needle up at the top left and take it down at the bottom right to complete your first cross.


Count your desired number of threads to the right and work the next cross stitch in the row.


Continue working stitches in the same way.


To work your next row, bring your thread up at the top right corner of the cross and take it down at the bottom left corner.  Work the top stitch from bottom right to top left and continue.


An area of spaced cross stitch filling.

Spaced cross stitch filling

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