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Small round eyelet (pulled thread)

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This eyelet is worked in the same way as other pulled work eyelets (the needle is brought up in a hole in the fabric and goes down into the central hole of the eyelet), but this one has only eight stitches. Small round eyelets in pulled work can be worked individually as isolated stitches or used to form an open filling.

For other pulled work eyelets, see round eyelet (pulled thread) and square eyelet (pulled thread).

Small round eyelet (pulled thread) is generously sponsored by Philippa Laughton


Pull the thread tight with each stitch in order to keep a neat hole in the centre.


Bring the needle up and make a horizontal stitch three threads to the left (this is the position of the centre hole).


Bring the needle up two threads down and one thread left from the starting point and pull.


Take the needle down in the centre hole.


Follow the diagram for the placement of the stitches, and continue round the eyelet.


Pull the thread each time you bring the needle up through the fabric, to maintain a neat hole.


Pull the final stitch.


The finished stitch.

Small round eyelet (pulled thread)

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