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Small diamond (pattern)

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​A blackwork pattern made up of diagonal squares with a vertical straight stitch inside. It is a small-scale pattern suitable for darker tones.

Small diamond (pattern) is generously sponsored by Rosemary Cadogan-Rawlinson


Increasing the thickness of the thread within the pattern can give the effect of shading, whilst breaking up the pattern and deconstructing the pattern by stitching fragments of each stitch can give the appearance of the pattern dissolving and create lighter areas or highlights within your design. Try combining these techniques if the tone is to change quickly.


Stitch an arrow of three stitches each over two threads (one vertical and two diagonal) each going into the same hole at the top.  Each arrow should be symmetrical.


The diagonals of each stitch should touch that of the neighbouring stitch.


Continue the sequence horizontally.


Each subsequent row is offset with the previous row to complete the diamond in the pattern.

Small diamond (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Small diamond (pattern)

​Rows of diamonds with a vertical stitch running from the top point of the diamond to the middle of the diamond shaped space.


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