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Sketched satin stitch


Sketched satin stitch method stage 1 photograph

Bring your needle up through your fabric and take it down again to make your desired length of stitch.

Sketched satin stitch method stage 2 photograph

Make a shorter stitch beside the first one. You can work the stitches close together or further apart depending on your design.

Sketched satin stitch method stage 3 photograph

A row of sketched satin stitch.

Structure of stitch

Sketched satin stitch is made up of a row of straight stitches that lie at a 90° angle to the design line, and can either be solid or have space in between the stitches. Each stitch is a slightly different length to the last, to create a feathered and broken edge.

Common uses

Sketched satin stitch can be used in blackwork to create a delicate, broken border on a design. It is good for making a dark border.

Embroidery Techniques


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