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Single feather stitch

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  • Slanted buttonhole stitch
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Single feather stitch is a simple variation of ordinary feather stitch which produces a less intricate line.  It is also a slanted version of blanket stitch.

Unlike feather stitch, the looped stitches are only on one side of the line being followed; they are also all the same length, at the same angle and spaced evenly.


Single feather stitch is generously sponsored by Mary Thomas


Work single feather stitch downwards in a similar way to feather stitch, but position the looped stitches only on one side of the row, as shown in the diagram. Set the looped stitches at an angle to the line being followed, spacing them evenly and keeping all of them the same length.


Working from the top down, bring the needle up on the line. Take the needle down on the right-hand side of the line.


Leaving the working thread on the surface, bring the needle up again on the line, making sure the needle is inside the loop.


Tighten the thread against the needle before bringing the thread up to the surface.


Repeat the last three steps and continue along the line.

Single feather stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

This stitch can either be worked in a straight line or it can be made to follow a gradual curve, with the looped edge facing the inside or the outside of the curve. It can also be worked in multiple rows with the lines of stitches touching along their lengths to make a lacy filling stitch.

Embroidery Techniques


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