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Scottish squares

  • Scottish stitch
  • Scotch stitch
  • Framed Scotch stitch
  • Cushion stitch
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This stitch is a version of cushion stitch (five diagonal stitches which form a square), framed by a grid of tent stitch.

In common with the other versions of this stitch, it is known by various names, some of which are used interchangeably for the different versions.

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The same pattern can be completed using a single colour for the cushions as well as the frame and is often referred to as cushion stitch.


Work a diagonal stitch from bottom left to top right, over one intersection.


Then over two and three intersections


and finally over two and one intersections to complete a square cushion.


Leaving a gap of a single thread, repeat the square cushions across the shape to complete a row.


Surround the cushions with a single line of tent stitch either in the same or a contrasting colour.


Continue to add more square cushions to fill the area.


Complete by framing the whole area with a single line of tent stitch.

Scottish squares

Structure of stitch

A composite pattern, made up of diagonally placed stitches which form a square, it is then surrounded by short diagonal stitches on the same orientation, each over one intersection.

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Related Stitches

Identifying Scottish squares

Scottish stitch is framed with a tent stitch of a contrasting shade or colour to the square cushions.


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