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Romanian couching stitch

  • Roumanian stitch
  • Couched satin stitch
  • Roman stitch
  • Oriental stitch
  • Antique stitch
  • Indian filling stitch
  • Janina stitch

This stitch is a version of Romanian couching which is suitable for small or narrow areas.  It consists of laid stitches each of which are couched down with a small diagonal stitch using the same thread to form a ridge down the centre of the stitched area.  This is a form of self-couching.

Historically, it is likely that this stitch is a development of Romanian couching: the earliest known examples date from 17th century England, whereas self-couching generally goes back centuries.  The main difference between the two stitches are that this version has a single couched stitch anchoring each laid stitch, and those couched stitches form a slightly raised line; Romanian couching normally has multiple couching stitches holding down each laid stitch and their position is not prescribed.

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