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Ringed back stitch filling consists of rows of back-stitched circles, each across six threads. They are actually octagons, but they look like circles, hence the name. This pulled work stitch is worked in two journeys, making pairs of back stitches over two threads.

For a less open version of this stitch, see eyelet stitch.

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Pull each stitch tightly.


Work a pair of back stitches over two fabric threads using the same holes.


Bring the needle up at two threads to the left and four threads down. Make a second pair of back stitches.


Repeat making pairs of back stitches to form a semi-circle.


Continue the first journey until the end of the design area, forming semi-circular shapes with pairs of back stitches.


On the return journey, continue making pairs of back stitches to form circular (octagonal) shapes. There will be four vertical back stitches where the two rings meet.


Continue onto the next row, which meets the previous row at the lower horizontal stitches. Again, there will be four horizontal back stitches where the two rings meet.


Fill the area in the same manner.

Ringed back stitch filling

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