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Rhodes stitch

This large canvaswork stitch is made up of square blocks of slightly raised straight stitches.  The straight stitches fan out around the grid, crossing in the centre, to fill all 360 degrees.

Rhodes stitch is generously sponsored by Nik Ravenscroft


The same stitch can be worked at any size, smaller or larger. A combination of sizes can work well together.
If the stitch is made much larger, a single tent stitch can be placed in the centre to hold the long final stitch in place.


Begin one canvas thread in from the bottom left-hand corner and take this over to one thread in from the top right-hand corner of the completed square (i.e. across four threads and up six threads of the canvas).


Return to the bottom edge and make a stitch one thread to the right of the first and one thread to the left of the top edge of the first stitch.


Continue in an anti-clockwise direction around the square fanning the stitches.


The sixth stitch should be from the bottom right-hand corner to the top left-hand corner.


Continue around the square until twelve stitches have been made. The last of these should be from the top right-hand corner to the bottom left-hand corner.


Move to the next square, either below or across. Always work the stitches in the same order and direction, so that the last stitch is always the same.

Rhodes stitch

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