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Reversed cushion stitch

  • Reversed Scotch

​Reversed cushion is a slightly raised, structured stitch with a small square pattern repeat which adds subtle texture to a piece.

Reversed cushion stitch is generously sponsored by Karen Malmquist



Begin with a tent stitch in the top left-hand corner.


Then make a stitch across two intersections, then three,


then two and finally make another tent stitch.


For the next block to the right, reverse the stitch direction: begin at the bottom left-hand side with a reversed tent stitch and work the other four stitches across to the top right-hand corner.


The row below should mirror the row above.

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Related Stitches

Identifying Reversed cushion stitch

This version of cushion stitch is worked in straight rows. Each cushion block is made up of five diagonal stitches across a square of three by three canvas threads and mirrors the stitch direction of its neighbour.


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