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Reversed cross stitch

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This canvaswork stitch consists of two styles of cross stitches worked on top of each other, to form an eight pointed star.

Diagonal lines of cross stitches are worked, alternating between vertical and diagonal crosses.  Each cross is then overlaid with a cross of the alternate orientation in a finer (sometimes gold) thread (the diagonal cross stitch is overlaid with a vertical one and vice versa).

Reversed Cross Stitch is generously sponsored by Jennifer Kundi for her mother Patrine Kundi


The second layer is often worked in a contrasting colour or metallic thread.
It does not matter which stitch is uppermost for each style of cross stitch, as long as they are consistent.


Start by stitching a diagonal row of cross stitches, each over two threads of the canvas.


Adjacent to this, a row of upright straight crosses should be worked, again over two theads.


Continue working across the area to cover the canvas ground, alternating between rows of diagonal cross stitches and upright straight cross stitches.


Each cross stitch is then embellished with a second layer of cross stitches in a finer thread, each at the alternate angle from the one it covers.

Reversed cross stitch

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