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Raised spot stitch

This canvaswork stitch is like a very padded version of brick stitch: a straight vertical stitch worked as a zigzag in horizontal bands.


Raised spot stitch is generously sponsored by Hilary Hale


This stitch is best worked with several threads in the needle at once as it is slow to work.
The stitch can be made smaller or larger and can vary within the area being worked to create a more random texture.


Make a vertical stitch across four threads of the canvas, then repeat the stitch through the same holes several times, until you can not get any more threads through.


Make a note of how many times you are wrapping around each stitch and keep this consistent throughout.


Move two canvas threads to the right and repeat to make the next stitch, making sure to match the number of times you wrap around each stitch.


The second row fits into the gaps of the first, encroaching by two canvas threads.

Raised spot stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Raised spot stitch is useful for creating texture.

Embroidery Techniques

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