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Raised fishbone stitch

  • Overlapping herringbone stitch
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This stitch consists of alternate diagonal stitches which overlap to fill an area, typically a leaf shape.  It’s alternative name of overlapping herringbone stitch gives an indication of its structure, although due to the amount the stitches overlap this is not readily visible from the finished stitch.


Raised fishbone stitch is generously sponsored by Anne Doody



Starting at the tip make a straight central stitch into the shape.


Bring the needle up just inside one side of the shape, cross over the central stitch and take the needle down on the edge close to the point.


Bring the needle up close to the point on the other side of the central line and take it down just inside the outline mirroring the other side.


Repeat the last two steps over and over to gradually fill the interior, padding and covering the shape at the same time.

Raised fishbone stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Ideal for leaf shapes.

Embroidery Techniques


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