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This stitch consists of a group of back-stitched straight stitches which form a fan-shaped motif.  It can be worked on either plain or evenweave fabric and can be used individually as an isolated stitch, or as an open filling for a design area.

References to Point Russe as a stitch name all seem to start in the 19th century: it is referenced in various needlework publications of the 1880s and is used in Breton work which was popular at this time.  Breton work was in vogue in both Europe and north America and used coloured silks and gold thread on a net ground.

Point russe is generously sponsored by Rachael Davies



Work a vertical straight stitch. This will be the centre of the fan shape.


Work the outer short straight stitch on the left


and one on the right, at a similar angle. Note that the outer stitches sit slightly lower than the central one.


Work another straight stitch on the left


and on the right to complete the fan shape.

Point russe

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