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Plaited Gobelin stitch

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This canvaswork stitch is made up of rows of oblique stitches which slant in alternate directions to create a herringbone effect.  It is similar to fern stitch, but for this stitch the rows encroach on each other.

Plaited Gobelin Stitch was generously sponsored by CyberPointers, the online chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild


Many canvas stitches can be started in the centre of the shape to be filled, but with this stitch, it is essential to start the first row at the top and work down as each stitch sits on top of those in the previous row.


Starting at the top right hand side of your shape, stitch a diagonal stitch from bottom right to top left, up four and across two canvas threads.


Complete a row of diagonal stitches each spaced by two threads of the canvas.


Work the next row from left to right , working diagonal stitches from bottom left to top right. Each stitch should lie directly below those on the previous line and encroach by two threads of the canvas so that the new row crosses the previous one.


Continue working each row back and forth across the shape, each row encroaches on the previous one by two threads of the canvas.

Plaited Gobelin stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques


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