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Perspective stitch variation

​This stitch consists of vertical rows of diagonal stitches which form chevrons; these are overlaid with chevrons in the opposite direction, forming a geometric pattern that looks like a box viewed in ‘perspective’.

For a stitch with a larger ‘box’, see perspective stitch.

Perspective stitch variation is generously sponsored by Anthea Finn



Make a diagonal stitch across two intersections of canvas, from top left to bottom right. Make two more in the same way directly underneath the first


To the right of these, make three diagonal stitches that angle from bottom left to top right to meet the first three, forming chevrons.


For the row below, the chevrons are repeated, but rather than point down, they now point up.


Where the six chevron stitches above meet in a downward point, the same canvas holes are used for the upward point of the chevron stitch below


Repeat this six stitch chevron pattern horizontally across the area to be worked, leaving no gaps between

Perspective stitch variation

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

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Identifying Perspective stitch variation

​This stitch consists of rows of three-stripe chevrons pointing up (in a V orientation), overlaid with other three-stripe chevrons in a second colour.  The second chevrons point down ∧ and are narrower than the original ones.


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