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Pearl stitch (variation)

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This variation of pearl stitch is a line stitch of evenly spaced triangles, created by looping alternate stitches through each other.

It is believed that this stitch is a development of the version of pearl stitch which closely resembles a string of pearls.  The circumstances of this divergence is unclear, although it would seem likely that it was after the publication of Mrs Christie’s 1920 book, Samplers and Stitches which clearly documents the original version.

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Bring your needle and thread up to the surface on the line, create a small diagonal stitch above the line. Pull the thread through.


Bring the needle up on the opposite side of the line and draw the thread through.


Pass the needle under the diagonal stitch created. Pull on the base of the slack loop to tighten the first stitch.


Take the needle through and draw the thread taut along the marked line.


Take the needle down through the fabric above and slightly further along the line, parallel with the top of the first stitch to create a second diagonal stitch.


Bring the thread back up to the surface on the opposite side of the line.


Pass the needle through the second diagonal stitch,


then repeat the method to the end of the line and secure in the usual way.

Pearl stitch (variation)

Structure of stitch

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