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Parisian stitch

  • Josephine stitch

​Parisian stitch is a medium-sized flat canvas stitch consisting of alternating long and short stitches worked in horizontal bands

This stitch evidently dates from at least the 19th century as it features under the name ‘Josephine stitch’ in a British publication from 1847 called The illuminated book of needlework. Unfortunately, no indication is given regarding who Josephine was.

Parisian stitch is generously sponsored by Dorothy Varty



Make a vertical stitch across two threads of canvas. Next to it make, a vertical stitch across four threads of canvas.


Repeat these two stitches alternating between two and four threads of canvas.


For the second row, place the small stitch directly below the longer stitch and vice versa so that the stitches interlock.


Repeat on each following row.

Parisian stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Variant Stitches

Identifying Parisian stitch

​Worked in horizontal bands and consists of two different size stitches laid alternately and parallel to one another. The smaller stitch being half the length of the larger. Each row is offset with that above allowing the pattern to fit perfectly together and cover the canvas ground.


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